Your Yuww Individual Journey


We start with an appointment for an initial consultation (2 hours) where we will;

  • take your measurements
  • Explore who you are, your personality, your preferences and determine your body shape
  • Explore your working context, how formal or informal, and the dress norms and codes that exist within it
  • Explore what you are trying to achieve in that working context, who you need to influence,  and the impact you need to have to reach your goals
  • Make 3 further appointments for you to visit the design studio over the next month.

Then we will work from your measurements to make a trial garment - called a toile - in unbleached calico.


At your second appointment (up to 1 hour) you will try on the toile, we will fit it and mark any adjustments we need to make.  We will also;

  • Co-design your first garment(s), based on your preferences, body shape and career needs
  • Make your fabric selections
  • Confirm the price(s)

You will then be asked to pay a 50% deposit to allow for the purchase of fabric etc.


At your third appointment (30 -60 minutes) you will try on a toile for the actual garment we are making - this allows us to make sure it is what you want before we cut the fabric and you can make changes at this point if you wish.  Sometimes we need to see something on before we know it is right!


We then make your item(s).  There may be an interim appointment here for a fitting for the partially made item and we will decide this at the third fitting.  We then finish your items and at your final appointment  we photograph it and you for your records, you pay the remaining 50%, take it home and start to wear it/them.


Everything is made in the work room at our design studio in Crow Edge.  What we make for you is unique to you and comes with its own identification number sewn into the garment and a certificate of authenticity confirming its originality.  We keep comprehensive records of everything we have made so should you want to repeat something in another colour or fabric that will be no problem, even years hence!


As far as possible we source from core stock fabric ranges so should you want to extend your capsule into other items we should be able to source the fabric again - the aim is that nothing gets discontinued.


Your records are then kept along with all the toiles and patterns, ready for the next time you would like a wardrobe refresh, new items for a new season, or a repeat of an old favourite!

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