What it costs

Building Your Ultimate Working Wardrobe is an investment in your career and your future, and the personal and individual nature of the service means that the price of what we make for you depends entirely on the fabric, design and complexity of construction that you choose.


We have hardworking robust polyesters that you can machine wash through hand washables to fine wools, silks and luxury mixes that require dry cleaning.  Prices ranges are as follows;


                             Unlined                                 Lined


Dresses             £200 -  £450                       £335 -  £580

Trousers           £180  -  £390                      £295  -  £500

Skirts                £150  -  £260                      £235  -  £350

Jackets              £400  -  £870                      £600  -  £1,000

Coats                £450  -  £950                      £650  -  £1,100


Where multiples of the same design, fabric and colour are ordered at the same time then a discount will be applied.


50% deposit is required at time of order, with the remaining 50% payable on collection or prior to delivery of the finished items.  The deposit is non returnable once fabric has been acquired and cut.


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