4 Yuww Individuals....

This fine body of women feature in our film (link on the Home page) Click through to read their individual stories.


"My Ultimate Working Wardrobe fits like a glove, not pinching or pulling but following my figure giving me a clean silhouette.   My clothes don’t clash with my work, nor do they steal the show, they support and help promote my creativity."


Dionne's Story




I know that nobody else has a dress like mine.....  It’s like creating, and wearing, your own personal brand"


Tessa's Story




"I learned that I can have pretty & feminine combined with professional and how wonderful it feels to be complimented on how I look"


Gail's Story




"The clothes she has made for me are lovely to wear and I can forget about them and get on with my job without feeling that I am in some sort of  corporate straitjacket!"


Yvonne's Story


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