Dionne Swift, Textile Artist

I spend most of my days in my ‘scruffs’ in the studio - no one usually sees me at work so its no big deal.  But as a Textile Artist I do need to scrub up and sell my scarves, pictures and lighting at exhibitions and events.  For me the Artwork is the priority and I usually forget/don’t have time to consider my own appearance.   That is until I came to the realisation [with Gill’s help] that customers were highly unlikely to spend large sums of money on a luxurious scarves when I wasn’t modelling them at their best.


I needed a working wardrobe to support my Textile work, to help me quickly and easily look at my best so I can stand in front of potential customers with confidence and discuss and present my work.


Gill and I contemplated the poor offering in my wardrobe and she helped me realise why many of the pieces were futile purchases: often I was seduced by pattern and colour, neither of which complimented my work.


Working together, I painted a landscape on to cloth and Gill created a perfectly fitting wearable Artwork which looks great, feels great and is great ‘opener’ for conversations


Now I have a full collection of dresses and skirts ideal for a 4 day event, they are in a selection of plain dyed wools and silks - the tones chosen to work with my own personal colouring and with my Tactile Artwork.


My Ultimate Working Wardrobe fits like a glove, not pinching or pulling but following my figure giving me a clean silhouette.   My clothes don’t clash with my work, nor do they steal the show, they support and help promote my creativity.


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