Gail Cherry, Professional Coach

For a living I work as a professional coach in my own practice, and in my work environment I just want to look like and behave like ‘me’. I don’t like pretending to be someone I’m not and I also don’t want to shy away since I am quite an extrovert. I get my energy from being around others and if I scare them off then my batteries will run to flat as well as the business bank balance.


I work in a wide variety of settings and in some instances there’s an expectation to be formal and classic. I have an ingénue style profile which is pretty and feminine and the choice on the high street for pretty work wear for shorties like me is quite limiting.

I often feel quite self-conscious In the most corporate of settings that I can find myself in, especially when I wear my favourite outfits; I feel as if I stand out like a sore thumb and have a sense that I’m not being taken seriously.


I am fully present and aware of my personal power and influence when I wear my clothes that have been designed and made by Yuww. I have nothing to worry or be anxious about, since most of my angst would come from: a top being too low if I lean forward, a skirt riding up when I write on the flip chart, a dress being too fussy or looking like a 12-year old.


I’d already had a colour and style consultation with a personal stylist when I called on the services of Yuww. My aim was to ‘get-it-together’. I certainly feel ‘together’, and the process makes me feel: nurtured, unbelievably comfortable, understood and awake.


I learned that I can have pretty & feminine combined with professional and how wonderful it feels to be complimented on how I look. I think it’s a telling sign when clients and even strangers at networking events ask for Yuww contact details – it shows we got it right.


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