Yvonne Lumley, Corporate Consultant

I’m an organisational change and leadership consultant and tend to find myself mainly in corporate and therefore quite formal working environments. There are plenty of High Street options out there for this type of dress code but they are all black, navy or grey – none of which suit me. I had a big meeting earlier this year and splashed out on a new smart dress (dark grey) which was sleeveless , a nice cardigan didn’t fit the bill so I had to splash out again on the matching jacket. Neither item has seen the light of day since!


I am a fairly standard size and have no problems here so it is really about style and colour choice. I really don’t want to look like a lawyer with no disrespect to lawyers intended.

When I was younger I shopped with confidence and looked fairly well turned out I think. As I have gotten older I have lost total confidence in what really suits me and I have ended up spending far too much on compromise outfits.  Last year I spent a lot of time working in very smart London establishments and actually felt like a bag-lady – I felt really dowdy and decided that I had to find a way to revitalise my wardrobe.


This is where Gill and YUWW came in. Firstly she came to my home and helped me to understand what really suited me and what really didn’t. Quite a lot of stuff immediately went to charity shops and Ebay. I learnt how to shop and what to look for.  I also realised that I was buying clothes at least a size too big so that has been a big confidence boost! 


In my work I coach and develop executives and senior leaders, often from FTSE businesses and have found myself in Westminster from time to time so I still need to look corporate. Gill understands this world and she knows I am a quiet personality and that I don’t want to leap out from the crowd. The clothes she has made for me are lovely to wear and I can forget about them and get on with my job without feeling that I am in some sort of  corporate straitjacket!



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