What we do

Your Ultimate Working Wardrobe exists to take the worry and stress out of getting dressed for work, whatever you do for a living.


We work with you to create your own ultimate working wardrobe by;


  1. Understanding you, your personality, your body shape and proportions and your preferences
  2. Getting to grips with your working context, how formal or informal it is and the norms that exist within it
  3. Align with your goals, what you are intending to achieve in your career in the short and longer term
  4. Designing, fitting and making the clothes to help you feel great and perform at the top of your game at work.



  • Put you at the centre of the process, the designer is a facilitator not a dictator
  • Offer a confidential and entirely personal service
  • Operate by appointment only
  • Do not put any visible brand identity or labels on the outside of the garments
  • Keep comprehensive and confidential records of everything we have made so you can always have another one, we never discontinue anything
  • Offer enough variety in fabrics, cut and colour so its almost impossible for you to come across someone else in exactly the same garment in the same colour and fabric as yours
  • Are responsive to the season, you decide what you want and when you want it
  • Offer a wide range of fabric all year round – choice is not edited as it is on the high street, limited only by our ability to source
  • Source as much as possible in Yorkshire and the North of England
  • Are committed to reducing "clothing miles"
  • Only buy and cut fabric once you've placed an order
  • Bring colour back into the everyday working wardrobe, it really doesn't have to be black/grey/navy!
  • We are here to help you be successful and meet you career and professional goals
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